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The Sword of Damocles _redefinition_ - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
The Sword of Damocles _redefinition_
This was not happening. This was not fucking happening.

I slammed my cellphone shut. Not a damn message.

The firm was in a panic over the deaths of Lindsey and Holland. The mad scramble to pass the blame and grab for power during the reshuffle was in full swing. Already I was feeling the big freeze out. No one was returning my messages.

Why was I alive, and not those two? How had I managed to escape the wrath of Angelus, Darla and vamped Lindsey? As I strode down the corridor, I saw the stares and heard the whispers my fellow associates were directing my way. I knew what that meant. I might as well have grown horns and started eating garbage.

I needed to do something, and soon. I had already stayed late last night, sifting through all the files I could find in Lindsey's and Holland's offices. I thought I had managed to create enough of a paper trail to deny whatever culpability the higher ups threw my way. But I couldn't be sure it was enough.

I went into my office, deciding I'd better come up with Plan B, a bolder plan.
I was too late though, for as soon as I sat down, the call came in. I was summoned to an emergency meeting. This could be it. I packed a pistol into my hand bag. Damn it, it was all Angel's fault. If he hadn't turned Darla, I wouldn't be in this fucking position. On my knees with the sword suspended above me, hanging by a single hair thread. I popped a couple of valium to steady my nerves, before heading to the alloted boardroom. There were two guards posted outside. Oh that was real comforting.

"Sit down Lilah, we have much to discuss." Hunt gestured for me to take a chair. I did so, trying to hide how shakey my hands were.

"The firm feels that this is to be a time for reflection and grief. In one devastating blow we have lost two of our most dedicated and irreplacable Junior partners."

"Sir, it was Angel-" Hunt's glance silenced me.

"The Special Projects Division is now without leadership. This vacancy needs to be filled at once to ensure that stability is restored, and operations can get back to maximum efficiency. Ms Morgan, your track record has been spotty at best. You have wracked up some impressive failures, and let your competitiveness with Lindsey MacDonald become an obsession."

I could hear the sword beginning to fall. I furtively reached for my bag.

"However, you have shown great ambition, initiative and ruthlessness which are still considered assets to us. We have decided to promote you to acting interim President of Special Projects until such time as we can find a replacement. When we do you will take up duties as Vice President. Congratulations Ms Morgan. You just made Junior partner." Hunt stood up and held out his hand.

I looked up at him dumbly. I'd been given a reprieve. I'd been given a godamn promotion.

I let out a chuckle at the absurdity. To think that I had Angel, or should I say Angelus to thank for this.
No matter what though, I would still find a way to make him pay.

It wasn't over, not by a long shot.

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