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Opportunity Knocks close_its_la - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
Opportunity Knocks close_its_la
"So, what? She just up an disappeared from her prison cell? Pulled a Dorothy and clicked her ruby slippers three times?" My voice drips with sarcasm. "You were supposed to be keeping tabs on the slayer. That's what I'm paying you for isn't it, or would you prefer a different arrangement? One where you wake up in your cell with your skin missing." I'm tired of the incompetence I have to deal with. No wonder I hate to delegate. If you want something done....

I make some calls, instruct my contacts to send the feelers out. Who would have the time and resources to plan a jail break besides Wolfram and Hart? It's damned frustrating considering the plans I myself had had in place concerning our little errant rogue slayer. Faith. She'd pulled a fast one on us and I wasn't about to let that slide. Turning herself in had been a surprise though. Not that I believed for a second that she was all fluff and sweetness now.

Redeemed? Atoning? Those were just words that soul boy threw around to hide behind the truth. That you never come back from being bad. Committing evil taints you, makes you rotten on the inside. No amount of being sorry, and saving puppies was going to change what you did and who you really are deep inside. A killer.

And I was totally fine with that.

Perhaps I could turn this into my advantage. Find Faith myself and grab her for the firm. With reconditioning she could be an asset to Wolfram and Hart. A slayer working for us, whether it was free will or not, that'd be a notch in my belt. And it would keep my superiors off my back.

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