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close_its_la Time to Make a Move - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
close_its_la Time to Make a Move
I instruct the retrieval squad to mobilise, and climb into the last van myself. I'm going to oversee this one myself.

Turns out the Watcher's Council wanted to get their grubby little hands on the rogue slayer. Weren't happy with Faith's trip to atonement land. I guess they wanted to tidy up their embarrassment, hide the dirty laundry. So damn british of them. Well, they weren't going to waste a potential weapon if I had anything to do with it. It hadn't been hard to track down their movements, and pinpoint the warehouse where they were probably storing Faith. So predictable, it would be their downfall one day.

I radio ahead to the units already moving into position.

"I want the slayer kept alive at all costs. You hear me? Anyone failing to comply will have their balls yanked off and fed to their kids." With that I lean back, and wait for the show to begin.

Scoring a slayer was going to rebalance the books. I'd finally be ahead of the game on my own terms without Lindsey's shadow hanging over me. Besides, I kinda liked the idea of having Faith around. The way she'd reduced Lee's face to pulp had warmed the cockles of my cold heart. She'd have to be tamed of course. But it would be delicious to see her finally broken and remade into a tool. One that I would get to wield, if the Seniors allowed it.

At last we reach the perimeter of the strike zone. We pull up, and I patch into the team doing the initial recon.

"No one acts until I authorize it. First we need to get a positive sighting on the position of the slayer." I watch the monitors, observe the various members of the team moving in on the compound. It wouldn't be long now. Soon I'd have myself a little firebrand of my own.

I give the go ahead for the operation to begin. As I watch, the alpha team get into the rear position and start to engage the two guards at the back door. There is an exhchange of gunfire. Simultaneously the beta unit is moving in on the front entrance.

"Wait a minute, who the hell are they?" I exclaim with irritation pointing at two figures on the screen who have stormed the front door ahead of the team.

"Sorry ma'am they must have got past the perimeter." Replied the commander of Beta.

The images become clearer, I lean forward and recognize who the two interlopers are. Cordelia Chase and Wesley Wyndham Pryce. Damn it. That meant Angel was nearby.

"Ma'am do we have authorization to take them out too?.....ma'am?"

I am tempted. Erase a few of the good'n'plenty's. Especially that vision-bitch Cordelia. I could always claim they were collateral damage of the operation.

But if they were here on a rescue mission, then that means Angel is probably about to swoop in and join the fray.

It is too risky, considering the bunglers who had not even noticed their arrival. I can't guarantee Angel would not get caught in the crossfire.

Not that I care. Taking Angel down would suit me just fine. But Linwood has been riding my back about the Firm's policy.
No endangering the Vampire with a Soul without sanction.

"Screw it!" I swear down my headset. "Withdraw the damn team."

"But ma'am Alpha team is finished with the rear and ready to-" Protests Beta-leader.

"You heard me, do you need a new set of ears? Pull out, return to base." I sit back in my seat, seething with frustration. How can I do my job when one of my hands are tied behind my back like this? Someone's going to pay. Starting with the idiots who were guarding the perimeter.

My van pulls away, and I push play back on the survellance recording, rewatching Cordelia and Wesley in action. I give an ironic bitter little laugh. I guess I wore my whitehat today by accident.

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