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Sucking it Up close_its_la - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
Sucking it Up close_its_la
Linwood is not amused.

He calls me into the office and demands to know why I commandeered a strike team without his authorisation. I'd filed the request, but with the intel being so hot, I'd had to act quickly. Of course I had banked on the operation going smoothly, and Linwood commending me on my foresight when I handed him Faith on a platter. So much for that, thanks to the Super Friends.

So I have to stand there and take it like a man, while he rips my failed plan to shreds. I know what's coming up, I can hear him building to up to it in his little tirade. He loves riding me hard. One of these days Linwood, I'll be the one screwing you.

"And to top it all off, you nearly ruined our plans concerning the vampire with a soul. Angel is not to be risked at this time, you know that. And yet you continue to push the envelope regarding him. Is there some unhealthy attachment there you want to tell me about Lilah?" I want to wipe that insinuating leer off of his superior face, but instead I shake my head emphatically.

"No, sir. I just feel that I can't do my job properly with one hand tied behind my back like this." Might as well get it out in the open. The policy stinks. "The prophecy regarding Angel-"

"Find a way to get it done. Or else you'll find yourself with more than one hand tied behind your back. And the prophecy is none of your concern for the present time. Don't trouble yourself over it, Lilah. I believe you have other projects to try not to foul up." The tone of dismissal is clear. I am in the dog box yet again.

I take my leave and go back to my office. Not a good day. What did Linwood mean about the prophecy not being my concern? Ever since Lindsey left I was in charge of that project. Angel's ass was mine.... wasn't it?
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