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Alone again....naturally.... - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
Alone again....naturally....
"I don't fuckin' remember invitin' any of you assholes to this little party. So, whatever. I'm outta here. You wanna have your big happy family, fine. I got better things to do."

I arched a shapely eyebrow as Faith made her dramatic exit. Not exactly oozing with finesse, especially with that knee to Spike's nether regions. I didn't exactly appreciate the shove to the wall either, but Faith was a loose cannon that you didn't want to openly provoke, unless you had an ace in the hole. Which I didn't yet, but I was working on it.

Spike response was predictable and soon it was just me and the big guy left. I turned to him and smirked.

"Well. So much for the big update on what Spike unleashed. Oh well, I'm sure I can find out the details some other way. At least one of us still has connections at our disposal. So are you still subject to that truth spell? Or did you manage to spill your deepest darkest secrets to someone before we had our nice little get together?"

I wasn't sure how we should be acting together, after all the last time we'd been alone, we'd been making out, trying to fool the First that our hormones were getting the better of us. Then again, Faith's intervention had supposedly put the kibosh on that, so I guess we didn't have to maintain that charade.

I couldn't resist coming a little closer though, and playing it up. Just to see how Angelus reacted.

"So now that Faith the wonder Vamp is out of the way, I presume you have plans...hopefully you are going to tell me what those are..." I let my hand snake up and start to caress the exposed part of his neck, right where is shirt was unbuttoned.

{Any news on how to keep the First off of our backs, or have you been wasting all day on trying to keep Faith on hers?}

[open to Angelus]
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