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Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
"Penfold, how many times is it now that you have royally screwed up while working under me?" I asked the idiot seated nervously in front of me in my office. I sat back in my chair, regarding him with an icy stare. The only sound was the tapping of one of my Givenchy mules against the side of my wooden desk. I loved to watch a grown man squirm.

"I- I can explain the mix up. You see, I never got the message until-" Penfold stammered, trying to cover his ass with more useless excuses.


"What, you didn't get the memo? Is that it?" I interrupted, feigning incredulity. "Funny. Because the computer records I have here, show that you receipted said memo fifteen minutes before the Selco meeting, and yet the deal was still not concluded as per my explicit instructions. Kinda strange don't you think?"


That finally shut the little toad up.


"So, who was paying you to blow the deal? Simkins? Did he put you up to this?" There were plenty of people who would jump at the chance to sabotage my projects. The competition for advancement in this firm was cut-throat. Literally. Penfold didn't have enough ambition or brains to do it on his own initiative though. Lindsey? I wouldn't put it past him. Lee? Right up his alley.


"Not that it really matters. I'll find out soon enough." I closed the file on my desk with an abruptness that made him jump. "Sorry Penfold, but you are a liability. I'm severing our relationship." I finished with a cheery smile.

All color drained from Penfold's face. Before he could start blubbering I reached across my desk and paged security. Within ten seconds they were in the room, looking to me for instructions.

"Escort Mr Penfold, down to Terminations and Outgoings. They're expecting him." I handed over the necessary paperwork, ignoring Penfold's feeble and desperate protests.

"I hear that buckets are back in season." I quipped as he was dragged out of my office.

After Penfold was gone, I pondered what was next on my agenda. I'd heard that Lindsey was out in the field which meant I might have time to snoop in his office later. Nothing like a bit of rifling though someone else's files to round out an evening.

Still, there was Ms Burkle to consider. Everything had played out so far according to plan. She'd had a few days to settle, and was bonding with me as her savior. All of the good. That first night had been a bit touch and go, but she hadn't called her parents despite the offer, and late that night, when she had come into my room and crawled wordlessly into bed with me, I'd known I had it clinched. The rabbit was starved for human contact. She'd huddled next to me without a sound until finally falling asleep.

Still, there were unanswered questions, and I knew that sooner or later she would be confronting me with them. Until then though, I needed her to come to depend on me, to trust me more than anyone else she had contact with. And I had the perfect thing. It was just a matter of timing.
Subpoena Me
"In conclusion, I believe that she could be an excellent addition to our science department, if we make the right overtures. I plan to conduct the initial contact myself. I feel this matter needs a delicate hand, considering the possible investment in time and resources involved."

I closed the file in front of me and sat back down with a confident smile plastered on my face. Lee was scowling at me, he knew that the 'delicate' reference was a dig at his lack of people skills. Whatever, I'd done the ground work and I wasn't about to let Lee pip me at the post on this one.

Luckily Holland agreed with me, and the meeting was concluded with my request for increased funding granted. Another notch in my belt towards a junior position with the firm. Goodie.

Of course Lee hounded me on the way back to the office.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? I found out where she was, I should have been the one to make contact." The weasel just didn't know when to concede defeat.

"Lee, let's face it, you had one lead, but you didn't do the research, how she got there or how to get her back. I did. So I took the credit. Live with it, or don't." I sent a smug smirk his way. "Like I care."

He went off in a huff, which of course made my small victory that much sweeter. Still, I didn't have a drop on Lindsey. He had something in the works that was creating some waves. But I didn't know the full details yet and that irked me.

Something about a vampire.

I was going to have to pull some more favors. Nobody was going to outfox me when it came to garnering brownie points with the higher ups. In this game, coming in second meant going home in little pieces, literally.

I was determined to get the intel that Lindsey was sitting on. Until then, I would have to content myself with the project I was currently assigned to. I flicked on my cellphone and called Clarkson.

"The package. Do we have it yet?" The answer was yes, and I allowed myself a cheshire like smirk. "Alright. I'll be there in twenty. Pay the shaman, I just got approval to up the amount. No retrieval until I'm there to do the meet and greet. understood?"

Today was a good day.

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Subpoena Me
Angel and Cordelia reunited.

I'm sure the violins are going to kick in any second. I do everything in my power not to roll my eyes and keep my smile plastered onto my face.

Wesley stands to one side grinning like an indulgent third uncle. He actually looks happy, damn him. Still, there's that sordid part of me lingering in his pocket. And I'm not talking about the dollar note. Seeing Cordelia might make him happy but I'm the one who makes him sweat, itch, scream, snarl, take, devour, and keep coming back for more.

So I sit back and watch the puppet show. Play at being the benign observer. I keep telling them I'm on their side but even Angel knows it's not strictly true. I'm on my own side. And right now that means making nice with Angel and the bitch who almost killed me. I'll have to watch myself around her.

I resolve to come up with some good intel soon to prove my worth. Whatever it takes to keep my job as liaison. I've worked hard to get this far, and damned if I'm going to let anyone take it from me without a fight.

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Subpoena Me
Speak of the devil and there she is.

I am annoyed that I didn't get time to twist the knife in a little deeper just to see Angel's reaction before she arrived. I have a hunch that his weak spot could be his feelings for Cordelia, and it's something I want to explore.

Wesley stands beside her, grinning. He never smiles for me like that. It's always tinged with bitterness, or melancholy or lust.

The three musketeers reunited. How quaint, how heartening. All for one and one for all. I chuckle to myself at the random thought of Angel as Arthos, the brooding leader; Wesley as Aramis with his secret dark mistress; and Cordelia the vain, self-important Porthos.

All we needed was a reckless lovesick amoral D'Artagnan. Gunn? Fred? Neither of them quite fit and they were late players to the scene.


I grin like a cheshire, pleased with my little mental game

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Subpoena Me
Well I guess that went about as well as I could have hoped.

Angel hadn't sent me on my merry way back to hell with a gold watch, and a trite thank you card at least. Which wasn't much. But it was so damn frustrating to still be walking the tightrope here. I had no doubt that winsome little Fred would confirm that what Wes and I had told him was the truth, and yet I knew that he would always be watching my every move, ready for another betrayal. Especially after Eve.

I couldn't really blame Angel. After all, I had spent years trying to make his and his friends' lives a living hell. Not to mention a few attempted killings and such. Karma's a bitch that way.

The thing is, I gave good intel. He knew it, Wesley knew it, and by now the rest of the firm probably knew it. I was good at my job, especially when I was between a rock and a hard place. I had connections in places he could never hope to reach on his own. I had favors I could pull that he could never dream of gaining access to without dirtying his hands a little, or a lot. He still needed my expertise. And that must gall him to no end.

I went back to my office to clear some messages, Wesley would let me know the minute it was time to take the cure to Cordelia at Angel's. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I'd committed myself to this course of action and I'd told Wesley I would do it.


Why had I let him rattle me so much earlier? I could still feel his gaze on me, and the area on my wrist where he had gripped it still had a trace of warmth left from his touch. How could he stand to touch me like that when my flesh was cold?

I shook my head, and focussed on the files on my desk.

He was just a distraction, nothing more.

(open to Wesley or whomever is going to fetch me to go see Cordy)

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Subpoena Me
((Written in collaboration with vampire_angel and railroadspike))

"That's coming out of your paycheck, you know."

I give a little start at the sound of Angel's voice. Trust him to turn up now that I've merrily tried to demolish his desk with Spike's help. He presses some secret panel and the key pops out. Easy as pie. "Next time, just ask Harmony if you plan to break into my desk."

He sits behind it, waiting for one of us to cave and ask him just where he has been. When neither of us takes the bait he buzzes Harmony to organize a shaman to come mystically barricade the place from future incursions.

"So, was there something that either of you needed to see me about, or is this just a social call? Because I've got a stack of paperwork larger than .. well, both of you to get through."

Spike makes a crack about stack size and impressing women, and mocks Angel's talk of a paycheck by tossing down a few dollars and change. This gives me an idea.

But first I have to deal with Angel.

"Welcome back, boss." I offer superciliously. "I trust that your little sojourn or time out, or whatever the hell it was, was productive for you?"

I fold my arms stubbornly and plant myself in one of the large plush chairs in the office. I notice the way that Angel crinkles his nose disapprovingly at Spike smoking in his office, it's amusing to watch.

"Maybe next time you could actually inform your secretary where you were headed off to, or at least when you expected to be back? You seem to forget that you're not the lone vigilante bat-guy in his gloomy bat-cave anymore. You can't just go disappear like that without setting off some major alarm bells in this firm. It's not good for business, and it's not conducive to the rest of us keeping our skins intact." The rest of us, as in me, myself and I. I don't really care about the rest of the gang, except for maybe Wesley.

"So does this mean I should consider Spike on the payroll now? Another souled vamp signed on to change the beast from the inside out?" I glance at Spike to gauge his reaction. Another player in the mix might be just the thing to keep Angel off-balance in a manageable way. I presume that Spike's two fingers gesture is not the international sign of peace. Somehow it actually makes me even more certain that Spike will prove useful in the future.

"We could always do it on a contract basis. No salary, but working case by case instead, utilising your various areas of expertise. Think about it. Imagine actually getting paid to destroy demons (non-clients of course) and save little old ladies from the boogeyman to impress the girls.....or girl. Wouldn't that be right down your alley?"

I turn back to Angel, and continue on casually.

"Anyway, the big news is that Cordelia has awoken from her coma, and desperately wants to see you. Something about a vision. If you'd had your cellphone with you......." I shrug to emphasise my point.

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Subpoena Me
"No Clarkson. I don't want to hear any excuses. No one seems to know where he is, I'm checking his office again now." I mutter into my cellphone as I exit the elevator.

I am not in the best of moods this morning. Still no sign of our elusive soul boy. This was not a good development and not something I wanted to have to inform the Senior Partners about if I could possibly help it. However, there was only so long I could stall before the word reached them. You couldn't hide anything from the Senior Partners for long.
I was almost to Angel's office now, perhaps there were clues there as to where he'd gone.

"Look, the CEO of a large pan-dimensional corporation does not go missing without me knowing about it, understood? It is not acceptable, so find some scrying shaman, or tap into the city surveillence grid, do whatever it takes. And don't call me again until you have an answer. Just because Angel's the boss now doesn't mean I won't-"

I break off when I notice someone standing there. It's not Angel.

((written in collaboration with railroadspike))

"Won't what, mate?" The lanky visitor enquiries, looking me up and down with interest. "And who're you trapsin' about lookin' like you own Wendy's? You a lawyer or somethin'? Angel ain't told me about you yet." He raids Angels refrigerator and downs some pigs blood, grimacing at the taste.

"Ahh, Spike. I don't believe we've ever had the pleasure." I reply as I snap the cellphone hurriedly shut without bothering to say goodbye to Clarkson. Why hadn't I noticed him standing there?

I had forgotten that Spike and I had never formally met. I had a nice fat file on him already though. He'd lead a fascinating undead life by all accounts. Watcher Lydia's treatise had been most informative. I knew of his past exploits and his ties to both Angel and that cheerleading slayer, Buffy. William the Bloody, second only to Angelus in the vampire scale of badness, lovesick fool.

He was a lot shorter than I'd expected.

"I'm Lilah Morgan, Angel's liaison to the Senior Partners."

I don't hold out my hand, even though I give him one of my best smiles. Instead I perch on the edge of Angel's desk and regard him as he had regarded me. Head to tail.

Overbleached hair tamed with too much product, long dusty leather coat which had seen better days, cigarette stains on his fingertips and exuding an attitude that screamed 'screw you AND the world'.

Nothing remarkable. And yet the whole package was rather intriguing. This is the guy who won himself a soul and saved the world by wearing the amulet I gave Angel? Never underestimate the little pebble in the big pond.

"There's a fresh decanter spiced with otter over by the window. Replaced every evening for him. You'll find it more to your taste."

"You don't know my tastes, mate," He replies, "Liason to what, anyway? What're you like his rep or somethin'? His pretty face in the land of goblins?"

Interesting that he doesn't drink from the decanter, a small yet pointed gesture of defiance, at me or at Angel though?

"Perhaps I don't know your tastes, yet. Spike. But I'm more than willing to find out. After all, I am here to make everyone's life easier."

"Well aren't you just the model bloody girlscout," He responds sarcastically. "Look I came here t' find Angel, not his.."

"Well that wasn't always the case." I amend with a smirk. "I used to make Angel's life a living hell, but hey I've turned over a new leaf. Just like you did in Sunnydale. What do I do? I am Angel's direct link to the higher powers that run this firm: the Senior Partners. I keep him informed as to what his duties are and them informed on his progress. Oh don't get me wrong. Angel is the branch boss, he's still running things his way here - balancing keeping our clients happy with the saving of puppies and cute little cherub babies. It's been quite a juggling act."

He seems a little distracted as I talk to him. Beneath the bravado is a hint of confusion. I wonder what is irking him so.

"PuHAH!" Spike chokes on the blood and turns to me "Why'd ya stop, mate? Conscience get the best o' you? More fun ta kiss the hind cheeks of the head bloke, is it? Bugger that. And it's not like I had much choice in Sunny D," he protests, "Turning mister hero-boy wasn't my intent. Just happened I'm more fate's bitch than originally thought."

After a short moment he waves his hand and looks away to one side "Pay no mind t' me, love. Just had a really... -really- bad sodded day."

"Bad day? Well I've just lost the very important CEO of a corporation, and the guys upstairs are not going to be amused. I kinda would like to keep my skin attached to my body if at all possible." I move around to back of Angel's desk and start testing the draws to see if any are unlocked. Damn, none of them open. I cast around for something to pry them open with. I don't want to have to go find a mystical skeleton key.

"Oh and me kissing Angel's behind?" I retort as I rummage around. "Please. I may work for him now, but I am not his toady, nor his secretary, nor his pliant little loofah buddy. I guess I still make his life hell." I admit with a little smirk.

"I know something about fate. I've spent a lot of my time trying to thwart or rewrite it. Believe me it can be done, on occasion. I am here as liaison because right now I choose to be, and because this is where the power is." Plus there was that pesky little contract I'd signed with my own blood but wasn't about to tell Spike that. "Besides, I got a little tired of being called an evil lawyer bitch. Wanted to try on my softer side. I guess you could say I'm all redeemed now and ready to do my bit for the girlscouts."

"Easy for you ta say," He comes around to my side and begins to pull on one of the metal handles of the drawers. "You know all about me," he says cockily, "all you had to do was say please." He yanks on the handle which comes off in his hand, drawer still stubbornly locked "Right then. As I said: fate's bitch."

He administers a quick vicious kick to the drawer which splinters the wood enough to allow the draw to be pulled out.

"You're welcome."

"Next time give me the chance to say thank you first. I'm working on my softer side remember?" I counter with a grin. Why was it so satisfying to see something of Angel's bashed in like that.

"You didn't even ask why I might be trying to rifle through Angel's privates." I observed as I emptied the contents of the draw onto the desk and proceeded to examine them.Spike half chokes again at my words and wipes his lips with his sleeve. "Simply put, pet, I don' care what happens to Angel's privates or who puts their hands on 'em so long as I don't know of it. There's some things a bloke's not t' get involved with."

He asks me what I am looking for, making a joke about the fact that it's hardly likely to be women's phone numbers given Angel's predicament.

"Actually I'm looking for clues. Anything that might give me a lead as to where Angel has disappeared off to. We used to have a whole unit following his every move, but that proved a little messy. He likes his privacy. And unfortunately all the bugs I installed in this office have been disabled. And I mean ALL of them. I just checked." I grumble at that, having been caught at my own game. I'd thought a few had slipped past him but it was not the case.

"While there's nothing wrong with Angel taking a few days off, we need to know about it. Because not knowing about it gets the Senior Partners jumpy. No one wants to be around when they go from jumpy to cranky." I sigh and shake my head with disappointment. "I'm coming up empty, nothing here. Could you open the next one for me? Please..."

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Subpoena Me
((written in collaboration with queencordette and wes_w_pryce))

I hang back by the door, not wanting to interrupt the gushing reunion happening before me. I know that Cordy means a lot to Wes. I'll be civil if she is, but damn if I'll put up with more insults from the woman who tied to stab me dead. Even if it wasn't really her.

I keep silent and smile as benignly as I can.

It's not like I've tried to hurt or kill her. Lately.

"Wes I really need to find Angel." Cordelia pleads. "Lilah was so not a help and neither was Harmony. I had a vision. A not so fun vision and I'd tell you all about it right now, but you know my policy on reliving the things more than once."

A vision?" That revelation piques my interest. "Looks like the Higher Powers still want to pass on those 911 calls after all. Unfortunately Angel could be a while, something about a haircut?" I shrug unconcernedly. I file that tidbit away for later, maybe she'll open up to Wes.

I decide to play it nice. For now.

"I'll see what I can do tracking him down, and leave you two to catch up."

I exit the room and stride off in search of Harmony. Plenty of time to go over the surveillence tapes later at my own leisure. I know Angel did a sweep a few weeks back, but I'm sure he's missed a couple of the camera bugs I'd had installed.

Besides, Cordelia was much more palatable when she was lying comatose in a hospital bed. The less I had to be in the same room with her the better.

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Subpoena Me
"Well, that was impressive." I remark casually from the entrance to the lab having just watched Courtney slay her first vampire. I take a few steps into the room, noticing Miss Perfect Fred is nowhere to be seen.

Just Wes, Courtney and a pile of dust. Oh and a couple of faceless goons not worth noticing.

I walk over to the kneeling girl and offer her my hand with a smile.

"Lilah Morgan, you must be little Courtney. Wes has told me so much about you." I can't resist a pointed look at Wes for that. "I hope you are settling in well, I know things can be a little strange and overwhelming at first."

She really was a pretty little thing.

((Written in collaboration with wes_w_pryce and magic_courtney))

"Yes, ma'am." She nods at me politely as she stands. "I'm Courtney. Ms. Morgan."

I am surprised by the girl's manner, much more shy and reserved than I had expected. Hadn't Courtney been drunk when Wes had intercepted her? Well, well. Here I was expecting a firebrand mini-Faith, and instead he's taken a wounded bird under his wing. I should have known.

"Just call me Lilah." I reply with another smile. "So how are you doing? Do you need anything? I see that Harmony has picked out some clothes for you..."

I can't help but raise my eyebrow at the perky color combination.

"Anything that Courtney needs will be provided for her Lilah. Your help is not needed. Was there something you needed to see Miss Burkle about?"

Wesley's tone is abrupt and proprietal and I bristle at that for a second. But then Courtney replies herself, and her quiet yet audible thanks show that the girl has a spark of independence, and a mind of her own. Interesting.

Deliberately ignoring Wesley for the moment, I address Courtney instead.

"Yes, Courtney. Wesley and I are... colleagues here at Wolfram and Hart. I am a liaison with the firm, the company," I stress the word 'company', "which is providing for your needs, and helping you with all these tests and such."

I lean in a little more conspiratorially towards her and grin. "I'm a lawyer but I'm not THAT evil." I wink at the last part. "Despite what stick in the mud here says."

Then I finally turn to Wesley, putting on a slightly reproachful look.

"Actually, I came down here to tell you that Cordelia has come out of her coma. I thought you'd might like to know...."

Wesley looks at me with a stunned expression. "She ... how is? Is she lucid?"

"Well, judging by the way she figuratively bit my head off when I encountered her near Angel's office, she's fine. She's up walking about, issuing orders, demanding answers. Same old Cordelia Chase." I quip sarcastically. Seeing Wesley's expression though, soften my attitude. "She could probably use a friendly face right now. And charming though Harmony is, you are the closest thing she has to family - besides Angel of course. I think she is in Angel's office or possibly up in his apartment."

"Take me to her?" He asks, then looks at Courtney, "Come along dear, we'll leave you at your room."

"Isn't that up to Courtney? She might like to come meet Cordelia." I reply sweetly, making sure I include Courtney in the conversation.

Look at him, acting all protective of the slayer, as if I'm going to grow fangs and claws and ravage her the moment his back is turned. Pompous son of a bitch. Wesley pooh poohs the idea of her coming along, dismissing Courtney as though she were a six year old not a teenager.

"Well if we are bundling off Courtney to her room first, with milk and cookies, perhaps you'd better lead, Watcher Wesley." I reply with a mock salute. You want to play this game, darling? Fine.

"Are you implying that I am treating Courtney like a child and not the young adult that she is? It's fine, Courtney, come along, I'll show you to your room. Perhaps I will see you later Lilah." He finishes rudely as though I'm someone to be dismissed at his whim.

"Courtney can you excuse us for a moment?" I say politely through clenched teeth, "I just need Wes for a few minutes."

I pull on his arm firmly, defying him to make a bigger fuss in front of the girl, and make for the nearest tiny office cubicle in the lab. Once inside the little windowed room, I angrily push the door closed.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Wes?" I seethe at him, trying to keep my voice down. "I come down here to do you a favor, and you're acting like a jackass!"

"Do a favor, hmm? More like trying to get in good with my slayer! I saw you out there befriending her, casting her your smiles like little hooks to reel her in with! She is mine Lilah. She hasn't even adjusted to life at W&H, she doesn't need to contend with you." Wes sighs. "But I do thank you for telling me about Cordelia."

"Listen to yourself Wesley. 'My slayer', 'She's mine'...like some shiney toy of yours you don't want to share with the other kids. I thought we were finally on the same side. We both work for Wolfram and Hart, we both work for Angel." I throw up my hands in frustration. "Honestly, the way you are acting, you'd think I was waiting to snatch her away to be slaughtered on a sacrificial altar the moment your back was turned. I'm not going to sprout horns and a tail anytime soon, ok? If it makes you feel any better you can always be present when I visit her. But I don't see why I can't be her friend if she would like that. I want her to be informed of all of her options. That's all."

I look at him for a long moment, then shrug.

"You're welcome. I'll take you up to see Cordelia, but don't expect me to stick around. Apparently I smell of you and it's offensive to Miss High and Mighty's sensitive Champion nostrils."

"Oh that's just wonderful, I can hardly wait to hear what she says of that. Shall we go?" He motions to the door.

I nod, and follow him back out into the lab where Courtney is waiting. I wonder if she has heard any part of our conversation.

Despite our altercation I can't help but think about what Wesley has stashed away in his pocket. A little bit of me.

I know it can't last, last year he brought our 'relationship' to an end because of his feelings for that slip of a texan, but I can't seem to let him go. God it would be so much easier if I could. How can I compete with a pretty wounded bird?

I put on my best smile and follow Wes and Courtney out of the lab.

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Subpoena Me
I'm coming up to my own office after my tryst with Wesley, when an assistant rushes up to me hurredly.

"Miss Chase is out of her coma and she's headed up to the -" The breathless woman begins.

"What!? And you didn't stop her? Why wasn't I informed?" I demand.

"We tried to page you, but couldn't get through."

Damn, I'd had the thing switched off with Wesley.
I quicken my pace, I have an idea where Cordelia might head first. This was not going to schedule, it was too soon.

When I get there, I see Cordelia standing in the doorway leading to the office, I call her name but she doesn't seem to hear me. So I walk up to her and touch her shoulder gently.


((written in collaboration with queencordette))

Cordelia turns to me and fixes me with the coldest stare. She starts insulting me, and spouts off about smelling Wes all over me, demanding to be taken to see Angel. Then she pointedly focuses her attention on her former pal Harmony.

"Look who woke up on the wrong side of the hospital bed this morning." I mutter at Cordelia, interrupting Harmony's inane babbling. Cordelia's snide hygiene remarks don't bother me as much as the look she has in her eye. It sends shivers down my spine.

Just how much did she remember of last year, I wonder to myself.

I involuntarily find myself reaching up to touch the silk scarf at my neck. The scar is still livid underneath. A red weal, left by Miss Bitchqueen here when she was channeling Jasmine.

Luckily Wes had stopped the bleeding in time.

I recover my composure and refrain from trading further insults.

"As a matter of fact, Wolfram and Hart has kept you well cared for these past few months, best wing in the medical ward. Angel as CEO has really turned the place around." I lie. "He's probably off making nice with our important clientele, keeping the machine well oiled, as it were. I'm sure Harmony here can book you an appointment to see him later..." I give her my most insincere smile, teeth bared.

Cordelia rolls her eyes and informs me not to talk to her until I have showered and that she wants me to go away, she for one didn't give a rats ass about trying to kill me last year.

I grimace but refuse to let her get the last word in. I'm a lawyer damn it! I call out to her as she walks away.

"Honey, a word of advice - the only person calling the shots right now is your beloved Angel, so I'd refrain from making idle demands and threats that have absolutely no weight behind them. And for the record, since your coma-addled-brain seems a little hazy from its hibernation - you didn't kill me. I'm alive and kicking thanks to Wes, and what he and I do in our off hours is none of your damn business."

I turn my back on her and address Harmony who seems to still be hovering about.

"Keep an eye on her. Let her go up to Angel's apartment if she needs somewhere to crash. But page me the minute Angel returns."

I decide to let Cordelia bumble about on her own, if she doesn't want my help then fine.

The altercation has left a pall in my mouth though and I decide that I need to be proactive in my dealings with Angel's team. Who the hell do they think they are?

I make my way down to the lab to see Wes and Fred. It's time to meet the new slayer.

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Subpoena Me