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Welcome to Frickin' Sunnyhole - Lilah Morgan's Blackberry
Welcome to Frickin' Sunnyhole
If it wasn't bad enough that I was the one who got sent to the ass-end of California to re-open the Hellmouth and make sure that evil has a field day in Sunnydale, but then I'm told that Lindsey is back in the game and going to be my liaison there?

What the hell were they playing at? Liaison my ass. They just didn't think I could do the job on my own. Their golden boy wants back in and they're all over him like a week old rash. I wondered what he did to get back into their good graces. I mean come on! Were they forgetting the evil hand incident? He was the one who wanted out, he was the one who gave them the proverbial finger.

Sure he might have saved me from the chop when he left, I did owe him for that. But I wasn't gonna take this lying down, or bent over for that matter. I was in charge of this project and Lindsey'd better accept that.

Now that Fluffy the Slayer was out of the picture, the opportunity to move in on Sunnydale and drum up some good old fashioned mayhem was too good for the firm to pass up. But really couldn't evil have picked a better place to set up shop? Somewhere a little more civilised?

Sunnydale was a backwater dump if ever I saw one, and yay me I got to spend the next few weeks here with Lindsey. I'd just have to make sure everything went smoothly so I could go back to my cushy penthouse and my creature comforts. Did they even have shiatsu masseur out here? I should have organised for Chyou to come out with me. I guess I could make a call later.

The limo pulled up to our new base of operations. The Wilkins. Sunnydale's one and only hotel, renamed after their late great mayor: Richard Wilkins III. Had to love the irony of a town renaming a building posthumously, after a mayor who tried to become a giant immortal snake and devour the entire class of '99. I got out of the car and looked up at my new home away from home.

You have got to be kidding me...

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